Toilet tank lid with stereo sound system
United States Patent 5978975

Amazingly there is a US patent on a toilet tank lid with stereo sound system (patent number 5978975)

The filing date on this patent was July 1, 1998 and the publication date was November 9, 1999

This unique sound system is installed inside a toilet tank lid which is adapted to be used with any standard size toilet tank.

This sound system which features AM & FM radio, a tape cassette player and/or a CD player.

A loudspeaker system similar to any sound system available in the market helps to enhance the quality of sound.

The entire system is designed to be water resistant in order to avoid electrical hazards.

This audio system can be installed inside a ceramic, plastic, wood or metal cover for toilet water tank.

This sound system is designed in such a way so that it can be installed in any toilet water tank available in the market.

One only needs to replace the top (cover) of the conventional toilet water tank.

The cover for the sound system which is identical to the cover for conventional toilet water tanks can be installed in any residential or commercial facilities.

The toilet sound system can function with batteries or electrical outlet power.

A radio antenna is directly connected to system for better sound quality.

The sound system makes a bathroom stay more fun and enjoyable.

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