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Practical joke ideas with toilet tanks

1) Dump a whole bottle of (biodegradable) detergent into the toilet tank. This can produce great billowing suds out of the bowl on first flush. Especially great if first flusher is sitting at the time.

2) Dump a lot of red (or other bright) colored food coloring into the toilet tank bowl before your guest arrive (blue won't do as many people expect that color). When your friend flushes the toilet they will probably think it really strange. See if they say anything when they come out of the bathroom and act surprised and that you don't believe them.

3) Take the toilet tank lid off of the toilet tank. Inside, there is a horizontal little plastic tube (brass or copper if a really old toilet and it won't work with that) about 1/4 inch in diameter. If long enough, turn the tube outward and point it towards the front of the toilet tank bowl with the end just barely sticking out. Replace the tank lid, making sure that the little plastic tubing is barely sticking out. When your friend flushes the toilet they will get squirted with water. Only do this prank if your floor is totally water proof. When they come out soaking wet, maybe act really surprised and tell them that your plumber had just "fixed" the toilet and you can't imagine that anything like that happened. Go into the bathroom (alone) and quickly put the tubing back the way it was and say that you couldn't find anything wrong with the toilet. Then wonder out loud what "really" happened.

toilet tank lids practical jokes - a Poop pen

4) Buy a bunch of poop pens and every time that a new friend comes to visit, lay a poop pen on top of your toilet tank lid. When they come out of the bathroom just act like nothing is new and wait to see what they say. When they are leaving your house give them a poop pen as a remembrance of their visit to your house.

We are looking for more (safe and sane) practical jokes. If you have one please e-mail us.

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